Welcome to Silca Logistics, endless possibilities, endless solutions.

Logistics world is full of possibilities and challenges, challenges we face every day that make us a better company. At Silca we are at the forefront in logistic solutions, which allows us to offer a quality service generating an opportunity of making your logistics profitable.



Silca Logistica Custom Agency begins operations in May 2001 offering comprehensive solutions in the logistic chain of international trade for importing and exporting companies across the country. We have earnt prestige and reputation working under ethics and best practices, being custom clearance timing our main hallmark. SILCA Group is formed by: SILCA Logistica Custom Agency, SILCA Corporate, SLT Freight forwarding & Solution, and Punto Trading Company.

We count with agents, representatives, and offices- a complete nationwide teamwork – to offer timely and quality services, which warrantee successful international trade negotiations. The company possesses an ISO 9001:2008 certification issued by the Asociación Nacional de Normalización Aduanera y de Comercio Exterior (ANACE) (Custom and International Trade Normalization National Association) by certifying the importation and exportation custom clearance processes.



The Total International Trade Management is the result of the two main features of SILCA. (Gio)


Business Intelligence

We place into a measurement the operational variables which affect logistic processes and analyze the tendencies which impact in any way its logistics, aiming to determine operational feasibility and even prevent or correct a mismatch or fail that might come up during the operation.

Know How

This consists of applying the best practices to a constantly changing process. This implies knowing and mastering all aspects in the supply chain -from origin to destination- to apply them for the improvement of their logistic processes, which is a fundamental factor which leads any operation to a positive destination.




We offer international trade logistic services specially designed to meet the needs of every industry sector. We have a solid experience in the management of products and specific materials from different sectors, this allows us to optimize logistic procedures and provide the best option for your business.

At Silca Logistica we are currently working with these sectors:

  • Steel
  • Farming
  • Auto Industry
  • Autoparts
  • Footwear and dressmaking
  • Construction
  • Forestry
  • Manufacture
  • Heavy machinery
  • Cargo projects
  • Recycled materials
  • Perishable
  • Chemical
  • Environmental Technology